Hey, It’s Gavin + Micah!

Together, we have found something we truly love doing! We know how important it was for us to be able to relive our own big day, and having the opportunity to offer the same experience to other couples is seriously such a blessing! We want to take you back in time. We want you to feel every emotion, and experience every important moment just as you did the first time . Your wedding day shouldn’t be a memory that fades with time. It should be a memory that you can curl up together and watch for years to come. 

Micah and I met each other during our freshman year of highschool back in 2014! Yes, you read that right. We are high-school sweethearts! We both enjoy similar interests such as playing basketball (Micah went on to play in college), spending time on the river, traveling, and working on projects together!

Our most recent endeavor was converting a school bus into a motorhome that we now live in! I promise, it's much more glamorous than it sounds! The best day of our lives so far was when we got married in May of 2022!!!

A Little About Us


So, What’s it Like to Work With Us?

While delivering you a film that allows you to relive your wedding is our primary goal, we strive to offer you much more than that. We want to build a relationship with you! We want to get to know you long before the big day. You deserve to be surrounded by people that care about you at your wedding, and our goal is to feel like a close set of friends! 

I can’t say how many times Micah has been the first one to run and grab a water, hold the flowers, or even entertain the kids for a moment. While our passion is creating wedding films, we are ultimately there to serve you to the best of our ability on one of the most special days of your life!. 

We are there to hype you up, serve you in any way we can, and help your day run more smoothly overall. 

When I was growing up I always enjoyed creating videos. These videos weren’t wedding films though, they were more like “music videos” of my sister singing in the backyard with lots of special effects. Needless to say, things have come a LONG way. I would’ve never guessed just how far that small interest would later take us, but I am so thankful that it did!

 In 2020, as a side job I began to pursue Real Estate Photography and Videography. While it had its moments, it was ultimately something that quickly began to feel very dull and boring to me.
Fast forward a few months and a coworker of mine had asked me to film their wedding. This was something completely new to me! What we first expected to be a stressful and scary experience, ended up being something we truly enjoy and have a passion for! These films allowed us to capture emotion and authentic moments. These films had meaning. I had the opportunity to be creative, and this is where we flourish!  

The ability to encapsulate these memories on such an important day in the life of a couple just isn’t something we grow tired of. When we got married we knew a wedding film was something we had to have for ourselves, and it's a decision we come to appreciate more and more as time passes. Your wedding only happens once, and trust us, it’s a day worth remembering. 

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What Led Us to Wedding Videography?